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#NotSurprised - thank you!

みなさま、こんにちは!明日少女隊とコラボレーションし、参加したプロジェクト『#NotSurprised』。日本でも話題となっている#MeToo、そのアート界の#MeTooでもある『#NotSuprised (#私たちは驚きません)』を広める広める活動でセクハラの定義を伝えるビラを日本の各美術大学や美術館に配布するためにクラウドファンディングを行いました。

Hey guys! It's been a while since we announced our project with Tomorrow Girls Troop, #NotSurprised. We joined the project #NotSurprised, which is something like a #MeToo movement in the art industry created by female artists in New York, united in an organization called WANS. To spread awareness we are handing out flyers designed by our illustrator / graphic designer Lola Rose. We started a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money for the printing and distribution costs. (A portion of the proceeds will also go towards paying all the artists involved.)


The aim of #NotSurprised is to end sexual harassment in the art industry. The original letter posted on their website encourages anyone in the art industry who has experienced sexual harassment to come forward. "We are too many, now, to be silenced or ignored."

私たちは、ニューヨークのアート業界の女性たちがセクハラの告発に向けて発表した『#NotSurprisedの公式書簡』と『セクシャルハラスメントの定義』について、わかりやすく書かれいている文章を日本語版にしてビラを作りました。デザインはhoneyhandsイラストレーター兼グラフィックデザイナーであるLola Roseが担当しました。

We designed flyers with a Japanese translation of the "#NotSurprised Original Letter" and their "Definition of Sexual Harassment". Our translation is on the WANS #NotSurprised website as well.


We started crowdfunding from May 2nd, 2018 to June 13th, 2018. Because of all your help to spread the word about the project, we were able to gain over our goal, ¥265,000 from 49 people. Currently, we are contacting every art university in Japan to send out the flyers. (The list of universities are here.)


We wanted to report to you that we successfully completed our crowdfunding project. We also wanted to tell all the readers and supporters of honeyhands and Tomorrow Girls Troop, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We achieved our goal, and now we're in the midst of sending the flyers to the art universities and museums in Japan. Please check our social media for more updates!


明日少女帯 / Tomorrow Girls Troop











xx honeyhands

Illustrations by Lola Rose

English Edited by Eli

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