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let's be friends instead


Hey everyone! Eli here.


It’s been roughly a year since #metoo became a social phenomenon. The movement gave me many chances to learn stuff I had no clue about, such as the dynamics of sexual abuse and consent.


One year later I’m still here thinking about consent, this time from a slightly different perspective. Now that I am in Japan I experience (and listen to experiences) that remind me very well of my social standing as a woman, and a foreign one at that.


Being a non-east asian foreigner in Japan means that you are hypervisible. You are, in a way, constantly sexualized. This can be perceived as both good and bad, depending on the person you are and the situation you’re in. I’ve heard people who were positively surprised by the (sexual) attention they were receiving, who were obviously happy to be popular. But being sexualized has its setbacks. For me, to be honest, it’s mostly a nuisance.