• mio

the best day in new york city

Hi, I’m Mio. Today I am going to share about an experience I had while in New York City.


In February of 2017, I stayed in NYC by myself for 12 days. I went to New York alone because I wanted to try new things, as I’ve lived with my family since I was born. I go to the university in my hometown, which isn’t a big city, so I find myself following the same routine. While my family, friends, and many people around me are amazing, kind, and funny, when I turned 20 in 2016, I realized that I should do something big right now, something nobody else around me is doing. While thinking this, the idea of going to NYC came to mine, so I decided to go.


Soon after deciding to go to NYC, I got a ticket and decided to stay at a guest house in Chelsea. After the new year, the adult ceremony was over, the time was finally coming.


To be honest, the flight was long. When I arrive at JFK, I was already exhausted. After the flight, I passed through a long immigration exam and when I finally got out of the airport, it was around 5pm. This is when the first issue happened. I told the driver the address of the guest house because I had to get to Manhattan by taxi, but he didn’t understand easily. I tried to tell him many times, and finally, I arrived at the guest house.