taking birth control for a year


Hey everyone! How are you? It's Hikari - Editor-in-Chief of honeyhands. As you already can tell, I'm gonna talk about birth control today!


I started taking birth control in November 2017 and it's been a year. (You can read about my gynecology experience on getting birth control for the first time as well.) So I decided to share my thoughts, relationship and experience with my birth control today! I know that many of Japanese girls are unaware of birth control since we'd never been explained about it at school or by our parents. I'm pretty sure some girls who have done research or have it prescribed would be the only girls who take birth control in Japan.

2017年11月にピルを飲み始めて、もう1年。(その時にシェアした、あたしの産婦人科日記もぜひチェックしてみて◎) 今回は、あたしのピルを1年間飲んでみた感想や気づき、考え、経験などをシェアしようと思う。海外では多くの女の子が10代後半くらいから飲み始めるものだけど、日本ではそんなピルについての情報や教育を親や学校から受けられるものではないよね。きっと日本ではお医者さんから処方されたり、自分から興味を持ったりじゃないと飲んでいる人は少ない気がする。みんなはどう?

I didn't really know about birth control, about things like what does it do or why we can take for until I moved to the US for school. Even though I wanted to try taking birth control after spending some time researching it, as I wrote on my gynecology experience article, it was hard to get them in different countries because of health insurance and all that mambo jambo. (especially since I was already str