• mio

is sun-tanning a bad thing?


I had many opportunities to think about my body image this summer. The reason why I think about this either because of summer, more skin exposure, or that I stayed in Thailand with my friend for 2 weeks. I wore the clothes that I can’t wear in my hometown and I also stopped hearing from my friends around saying saying things like I have to lose weight.


I love my body, but to be honest, I want to become a body with more ‘sharpness’. My body is a little bit chubby and my friends say to me “Mio, you have a chubby body.” However, I don’t care about my body that much, so I am going to share about the reason why I think this and about my body image.


First of all, what do you think about suntans? Some might have a negative connotation and others might have a positive image. I’d rather have a positive image. I’m going to explain why I have a positive image later though.


What is a sun tan to begin with? From the Oxford dictionary, the answer is “when you have a sun tan, your skin is darker that usual because you have spent time in the sun” Maybe everyone knows that meaning.