living as a woman




Hello! I'm Yurina!

Today I would like to write about what does it feel to live as a woman. Have you ever thought about how do you want to live?

「女性は院に行くまで勉強する必要なんてない。家の近くで働いて結婚することが、あんたにとって1番幸せやと思うで。親戚の人らもあんたが海外に出て行くことを良くは思ってへんでぇ。」 海外の大学院を目指していたわたしに、おばあちゃんが言った。それまで何の不自由もなくやりたいことをやってきたけれど、この言葉にすごく衝撃を受けたのを覚えてる。

“There's no need for a girl to go to graduate school. I think working close to home and marrying would make you the happiest. Even your relatives don't think it's a good idea for you to go abroad.” This is what my grandma said to me when I was applying for graduate school abroad. I didn't really experience anything bad until that point, and I remember being really shocked by her words.