• mio

is love in there?


Hi, everyone! It’s Mio. Today I’m going to share about my experience of the hardest love story I have ever experienced.


First, how does everyone feel when you hear about “friends with benefit”? Do you have a bad image, or you don’t care about it, or have you ever had an experience like that, or maybe are you having it now?


As you can see from my introduction, I was in a relationship with a boy who was not my boyfriend, we just had a body relationship.


To talk about the reason why I started having a relationship with him. I have to go back to spring, last year. I’m not going to talk about our relationship in detail before we had a body relationship, but we were just friends. This is true. That day on April, I received a call from him at midnight, but I had school tomorrow and I wanted to sleep, so I didn’t call him back. After few minutes later, he called me again and again, so finally I answered the phone. I had not seen him for a long time, so the first word was “Long time no see”. During the call, he said “I want to meet you, come here”. I didn’t want to, because I had to wake up early the next morning and it thought I might stay long if I met him, because he was drunk. But it was a reunion after he had been away for a long time so after the call finished, I decided to go.