self-care: tea time



Hey there! It's Hikari. Today I would like to share with you something about the herb teas that I'm always drinking.

私がハーブティーをよく飲むようになったのは、高校生の頃から。当時、自分が太ったと思い込んでいた時期があって(今思えば全然太ってなどいなかったのだけれど)それから加糖の飲み物が怖くて飲めなくなってしまいました。今も積極的に飲みたいとは思いません。でも、毎日、麦茶やお水だけ飲んでいるのも飽きるし、何より口さみしいので笑 それを紛らわせるために色々なお茶を飲んでみるようになりました。今では7~8種類のお茶を常備していて、気分や調子に合わせて飲んでいます。学校にも、魔法瓶に入れて持って行っているよ!毎日ペットボトルの飲み物を買うより経済的だしね!

I started drinking herb teas when I was in high school. At the time I was convinced I was overweight (although thinking back I wasn't at all) and I became scared of drinking sugary drinks. Even now I don't actively seek to drink them. However, drinking only mugicha (barley tea) and water gets boring after a while, haha. To escape that feeling, I began drinking many different kinds of tea. As of now I always have 7 to 8 different types of tea at hand, and I drink them according to how am I feeling. I also bring them to school in a thermos! It saves me a lot of money from not buying bottled drinks.