why i fell in love with cambodia




Cambodia is a place that gives me energy. Do you have a place like that too?

どれだけ時間がかかってもいいから、世界中の行ったことのない場所を訪れるのは 、わたしの人生の目標でもある。それと同時に、ひとつひとつの場所で、現地の人と同じように過ごしてみたり、そこで友達や“カゾク”を作りたいって思う。なぜなら、大切な人がそこにいるからこそ「いつか、もう一度、帰って来たい。」って思えるから。

One of my objectives is to visit all the places I've never been to in the world, no matter how long this is going to take me. I would like to spend time with the locals, and form friendships as well as “families” there. This is because if I have someone I care about in a certain place, it makes me want to go back.