choice of living a life


ー 正解は人の数だけ存在する ー


Hello! I'm Yurina, the new intern writer. Today, I want to talk about how I make my life decisions.


Since I was in junior high school, I've always wanted to challenge things. However, when the time comes, I get so nervous and can't even eat anything. I even failed to challenge things sometimes because of this reaction of mine. Every human being has the power of self-defence. I believe that if you're letting things happen to you without trying to control them, it sometimes goes to negative directions. "What if it won't go well?" "What if I get in trouble?" "What if I can't make any friends?" "What if he doesn't like me back?" Just like that. It's easy to protect myself from the beginning and think that it's better not to try. And I bet you experienced this feeling at least once in your life.

わたしは、選択することは同時に自分の決断に責任を持つことだと思うの。その結果を誰のせいにもしないこと。人のせいにすることって楽で、自分に原因を置くことってしんどくて。たとえば告白するとき、「あの子がオーケーしてくれなかったらどうしよう」じゃなくて、自分がどうしたいか、に集中することが本当は魅力的な在り方で、自分もそうありたいなって。恋愛に限っては、そううまくはいかないこともあるけどね (笑)