something personal


A new year has started. January has actually already gone by. How do you feel about it? Personally, I decided to take advantage of the transition into a new year to brush off some of the old unhealthy habits and thought patterns of the past years and start anew. I finally became ready to take the reins of whatever I do, and try to encourage the evolution of this phase of my life which finally feels like it’s really coming to an end.


I can say 2018 has been the roughest year of my whole life. I went through so much suffering, instability and unbalance as never before in my life. I felt extremely lost. If you have been through rough times as well, I understand you, and I can say: it will eventually pass, but it’s a process.


Finding the strength to face yourself and your life as it is is the hardest part, but it’s also the starting point. You have to be ready for it though. I understand those days where you just want to stay in bed, when you don’t want to talk to anyone, when you really just would like to pause existing altogether. I went through times like these very often in the past year. But I understood that the apple has to be ripe before it is picked and bitten into, so just do what you feel like doing, don’t push too much, and concentrate on taking small steps.