don't fear change



It’s been a year since I started grad school in Korea. Last December, when I received my acceptance letter from the university that was my first choice, I was so happy and full of anticipation. I remember being super excited to experience the lectures and make friends. People often say, “Stepping out into a new environment is important!” But I think what’s most important is what you do in the new environment. What do you try to do when you’re in a new environment?


I’ve experienced studying abroad a few times before, and I even wrote “Highly adaptable” as one of my strengths in my self-introduction so I wasn’t really worried about life in grad school. But actually, it took me half a year to fully get comfortable here which was quite long for me. I guess that’s not a surprise. When I was an exchange student in Korea during my undergrad years, I bonded with my friends talking about makeup, fashion, and pop stars. However, the topics that I discuss with my friends in grad school are different. We usually talk about academics, recent incidents, debates in class. I guess it’s a given since it’s a place where people with the same interests gather, but as someone who chose a different major from when I was an undergrad, I was lacking some foundational knowledge and struggled to keep up during conversations.