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Hi, I’m Mio. Today, I am going to share how periods affect my mind and body.


When I am on my period, I get stomach cramps, feel irritated, and feel anxious. What symptoms do you have? Until recently, I had not focused on when those symptoms start, what the cause is, and their timing. I hadn’t thought about it even though it happens in my body every month, so I decided to start a diary about my period.


My menstrual cycle is generally 28 days long. I use an app named “Lalune” to keep track of it, and it gives me reminders when my period is coming. It came as predicted this time too. I like using tampons and I’ll explain why later in the article.


Feb 4th (3 days before my period)

I feel a bit irritable. At my part-time job, it was so busy at the beginning of the month, so I got so tired and a little irritated. The ups and downs of my emotions are so intense. I have stomach cramps. I can’t eat much, but I want to eat!



Feb 5th (2 days before my period)

I can’t get up easily. I want to sleep more. I don’t want to do anything, but I don’t know why. I got a pimple on the right side of my nose. I’m having more vaginal discharge than usual. I have stomach cramps, but I ate too much. After a meal, I ate lots of chocolate and two slices of bread -- an amount I don’t usually eat.



Feb 6th (1 day before my period)

I can’t get up easily. I don’t want to do anything. Same as yesterday. I don’t want to eat anything.



Feb 7th (period starts)

My whole body is so heavy just like lead. My back hurts awfully. My period started this morning, and my stomach and back became increasingly painful as the night went on. I wondered whether I should use a tampon or not, but it wasn’t that heavy yet so I used a pad. My mind is calm!



Feb 8th (day 2 of period)

My flow is very heavy so I changed my tampon twice. My back hurts a little bit. My mind is calm, but I am a little irritable.



Feb 9th (day 3 of period)

It is not a very heavy flow so I used a tampon in the morning, and will change it to a pad after noon. My mind is calm! It does not hurt anywhere in my body!



Feb 10th (day 4 of period)

I use a pad. My mind is calm. It does not hurt anywhere in my body. Maybe it ended?



This month, my period was just like that. I think my period is not so heavy. I have some friends who can’t move because their stomach and back are so painful during their period, and friends who change their pad one time in an hour!


About my body when I am on my period, there is nothing I worry about. But for my mind, I guess the ups and downs of my emotions are intense, especially before the period starts. I start to not feel good, and get anxious and irritated for no reason. Because of that, I get so tired. And sometimes when my period comes late it stresses me out and makes me anxious.


And about tampons. I prefer tampons to pads, but there are not many people who use tampons around me. Do you use tampons? Since I became a college student, I started using tampons. Before that, I used pads! What caused this change was starting a part-time job at a sports gym. Now I only work at the reception desk, but at the time, I had to monitor the pool. When I did that job, I had to change into swimwear, and of course, that included when I was on my period. I was so nervous and scared the first time I used a tampon. I had not even seen it before! So I read the instructions thoroughly, and after many tries, it finally went in!


For me, tampons are so comfortable. When I was using pads, I got rashes, especially in the summer. This is the main reason. Other reasons are that the blood doesn’t get all over, and I can’t feel the bleeding so I can sleep and move without worrying. In addition, I’ve permanently removed my pubic hair so I don’t worry about the odor.


Focusing on my period for the first time made me want to know my body more. Not just periods, but also other things. I realised I don’t know my body even though it is my own body. It also made me think that it is important to go to the regular checkups that I always skipped!


And about periods. It affects moods and makes your body act up. I think it is a delicate issue. For women, it is something that comes every month and can’t be avoided. I think it is important to not think of it as an unpleasant thing and to face it directly. My period is normal right now but if something happens, I will not ignore it and consult a doctor, because it is not something that is shameful. I want to continue to listen to my body from now on. In addition, this was my first time keeping a diary to keep track of my body and mind, and I thought it is good thing, because I thought it was so fun, If your body starts to feel unwell, you can check when it started, and keeping a diary can help you take time to listen to your body. I would really recommend this, so please try it out!!


Images by Mio

English Edited by Kiara