same passions, different talents

情熱 ≠ 才能

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by art and creativity. From a very young age, I have been passionate about drawing, painting, writing, and photography. My parents have taken me to numerous amazing museums, containing both contemporary and ancient art. I have studied and read artists’ biographies with an insatiable hunger. I have always felt a bond with these artists and their craft. I love art. It is healing, it makes me feel lighter, it makes me think differently.


I have always been curious to understand what inspiration is, what genius is, what it means to devote your life to your art. I have always wondered what it means to be talented at something that can provoke strong emotions in other people, and to do something because you can’t live without doing it.


I have very recently realized that for the longest time, I thought that being curious about and drawn to something meant that I would naturally be good at it. That is simply not the case. Both traits can exist on its own without the other. For example, I love to write, draw and paint… but I am not moved to spend every free moment I have on it, which is something I think you would feel if you were naturally talented at something. For quite a while I was frustrated for not being able to make anything and not knowing why. I was so convinced that since I was passionate about art, I naturally had the creativity to actually create something, and that these things should come to me easily. My belief was so strong that I couldn’t see that there are things that I am talented at and enjoy doing.