living as a feminist



Recently, someone showed interest in me. He asked, “I’ve never met someone as captivating as you. Are you dating anyone right now?” so I replied, “No I’m not.” Then, he repeatedly told me “I don’t know why you’re single. What a waste. You should be able to find someone great easily.” When he told me this, I couldn’t hold it in ー I responded with “Why do I have to have a partner? Is that all that matters?”


It’s not just this person who has the idea that one’s worth can be measured by whether they have a partner or not. When I was in university, I heard someone say “If a girl’s cute but they don’t have a boyfriend, she definitely has a problem with their personality.” I think when people are single, nobody thinks of it as their choice; instead, people see them as someone who can’t be in a relationship. I think dating is fun, and I like it. But for other people to