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working and living




Hi everyone, I’m Misato.

This is quite sudden, but have you ever asked yourself “What is it that I want to do?” I know I have.


I’ve been working for two years since I graduated but I’ve already changed my job once. The main reason why I left the first company was that I wanted to lead a healthy life. My days and nights were flipped and I was working irregular hours. And now, I’ve made the decision to quit my job for the company I’m working for right now. It took a long time for me to make this difficult decision. My current job requires a lot of physical labour. Sweating at work has been damaging my hair, and I’ve been getting white hairs from fatigue. Also, I think it would have been physically too demanding for me to keep up. People from work and people around me would probably think that it’s a silly reason to quit, but it is a serious issue for me.




“Once you start working for a company, you’re obligated to work there for a while”

“It’s too scary to lose a job”

I’m sure many people think like that, but would that kind of thinking really lead you to happiness? I really doubt that. Times are slowly changing, but I think that in Japan it’s uncommon for someone to change their job. There’s a bad image for new university graduates who quit their job within a year and people who have changed their job a few times. But I think that’s kind of wrong. Half a year, a year, two years… working for a longer period of time doesn’t guarantee growth and learning. Sometimes, you can really grow and learn in a short period of time. Of course, everyone learns at a different pace, and there are people who are serious about their job and people who aren’t. Experience is definitely important. But I think it’s sad that society judges people like that as lacking perseverance or commitment.


I know you can’t just go through with life in a dream state, but I don’t want to dismiss my desire to live working a job that makes me happy. Working is a part of life. I want to go on an adventure looking for a job that makes me happy. To say it simply, it’s hunting for a job to switch to, but doesn’t it take the weight off your shoulders to think of it as an adventure? I love the lyrics “Life is an adventure, although there’s no map” from the anime Arabian Nights: Sinbad's Adventures, and I want to hold those words dear to my heart, not give up, and keep working harder.


Looking back at my life, I realise how many times my dreams have changed. From a baker, announcer, actress, backpacker, television crew, magazine editor, or employee at an organic shop… it’s countless. But change is something that’s natural, and something I’ll happily allow to happen. Inconsistency is usually used in a bad sense, but there’s no such thing as life without inconsistency. Having a sudden change in your ideas is normal, and there are times where it creates an opportunity for something new. So I want to live accepting my changing self. Living without inconsistency is bold and admirable too, but I think what’s right for me is to make detours and stop along my journey in life to encounter new worlds.


The more time I spend under the title “working adult”, the more I feel that work is hard and not always fun. But I’ll go on an adventure so I can find something that makes my everyday life fun, instead of being in a state where I am bored and searching for something interesting. No turn I take will be a mistake or a waste. Let me know what happens on your adventure!

Images by Misato

English Translated by Kiara

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