• mio

my pubic hair situation


Hi it’s Mio! Last time, when I wrote about my period diary, I wrote a little about how I remove my pubic hair. So this time, I am going to share more about it with you guys!


I started laser hair removal two years ago. I didn’t ever really think about laser hair removal, until the time my friends started doing it and recommended it to me; that’s how I started. I wanted to try it because there are times I definitely felt like shaving was such a bothersome thing to do, and I wasn’t sure if I was getting every hair since I couldn’t see my entire pubic region. I had been shaving my pubic hair just as I do my arms and legs, but since I couldn’t see the entire area I was worried that I would cut myself. Besides, I didn’t like the prickly texture after shaving, so I thought it was a good chance to start laser hair removal! In addition, although there are not so many opportunities where I have to show my pubic region, there are still times that I will have to, like when I go to health checkups, prenatal checkups when I get pregnant, when I give birth and when I have sex. This was another reason; I wanted my pubic hair to be a little bit tidier for when people saw it