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my pubic hair situation


Hi it’s Mio! Last time, when I wrote about my period diary, I wrote a little about how I remove my pubic hair. So this time, I am going to share more about it with you guys!


I started laser hair removal two years ago. I didn’t ever really think about laser hair removal, until the time my friends started doing it and recommended it to me; that’s how I started. I wanted to try it because there are times I definitely felt like shaving was such a bothersome thing to do, and I wasn’t sure if I was getting every hair since I couldn’t see my entire pubic region. I had been shaving my pubic hair just as I do my arms and legs, but since I couldn’t see the entire area I was worried that I would cut myself. Besides, I didn’t like the prickly texture after shaving, so I thought it was a good chance to start laser hair removal! In addition, although there are not so many opportunities where I have to show my pubic region, there are still times that I will have to, like when I go to health checkups, prenatal checkups when I get pregnant, when I give birth and when I have sex. This was another reason; I wanted my pubic hair to be a little bit tidier for when people saw it


At my laser hair clinic, I got a three-year contract where I go in monthly to laser my underarms, arms, and all my pubic hair. My doctor at the clinic says I seem to have thin hair. So after three sessions, I was so surprised at how much my hair growth speed slowed down (There seem to be individual differences, so this is just what happened in my case!)


I got so nervous the first time, because I had to get naked and didn’t know how it was going to feel. I was excited and a little bit scared. I changed into paper underwear and put a towel over my eyes so that the light from the machine would not hit my eyes, and the session started! The gel was applied to the areas that were to be lasered, and then the head of the machine was placed against my skin. The first time I lasered my pubic hair was extremely painful. It felt like a needle piercing my skin. Pubic hair is thick and abundant, so the lasering doesn’t finish in a moment like the armpits and arms Plus, it is a sensitive area, so it was really painful. I especially found the O-line painful (O-line = A Japanese hair removal term to refer to the area around the anus). But that was just the first time, and my second time wasn’t that painful! (This is also just what happened in my case!)


One thing I noticed after I started laser hair removal, is that it made my period less unpleasant and more comfortable. I purposely don’t remove all the hair on the front, but there is no hair in the I-line, so I don’t worry about odor or having it dirty from blood (I-line = A Japanese hair removal term to refer to the labia). In addition, I like to use tampons so there is no need to worry about getting it dirty from blood, which makes me feel really comfortable.


I have felt no demerits of laser hair removal. I can live my daily life very comfortably if I can endure a little pain during the lasering session.


There are many friends around me who are lasering or have lasered their pubic hair, so I can comfortably talk about how much hair I’ve chosen to leave as is, and what style they chose, and it is so interesting that everybody is different. My mother and sister who haven’t done laser hair removal say to me, “it is so weird that you left hair only in that spot” and “it’s a weird shape”, but it is so comfortable for me and I don’t find it embarrassing either. I still go to the hot springs, and I show it to my boyfriend with no embarrassment.


Before I started laser hair removal, I had always thought that people who do laser hair removal in the bikini area just wanted to wear bikinis. However, there are so many reasons that someone may want to do so, like just to tidy up or because at-home hair removal is a bothersome thing to do. And now, I’ve started to hear that there are many people who laser their pubic hair because they want to prepare to be in a position where they can be easily cared for when they get older.


Hair removal is not an obligation, so I think you should only do it if you feel like it. But I have not experienced any disadvantages from having laser hair removal, so I highly recommend it! There are so many hair removal clinics, and different clinics will have different hair removal menus and pricing. I actually got a free trial session once. I went to a consultation where I talked to the clinic’s doctor face to face about the areas that I want to laser, the doctor told me about how lasering works, and made plans including where and how often I would be lasered, and discussed the cost and I finally decided on my clinic. If you are thinking of starting laser hair removal, I would advise you to start by finding the best clinic for yourself.


Images by Mio and #projectbodyhair by billie

English Edited by Kiara

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