what is a “fulfilled life”?



This term has been so busy. I feel like everyday I wake up, go to university, and stay there till it’s night time. In living this lifestyle, one thing I regularly do and look forward to is watching clothing hauls on Youtube on my iPhone before I go to sleep. I also like to check online clothing stores for their new arrivals. Even if I’m not buying these clothes, I still feel some pleasure and satisfaction from adding them to my cart, or marking them as favourites. And I think shopping once in a while is a stress relief method I use.


But recently, I’ve started to think that “me, someone who is learning about feminism” and “me, someone who feels pleasure from being a consumer” contradict each other. So I’ve been trying to steer myself away from someone who gets pleasure from consuming; for example, before actually buying something, I suppress my desire by looking at minimalists’* blogs, or change my focus and try to reduce the amount of things I own.

* ミニマリスト = 持ち物をできるだけ減らし、必要最小限の物だけで暮らす人。

* Minimalist = Someone who only owns what they need and lives with the bare minimum.