where will my love life go?



* セクシュアル = 性的な/** マイノリティ = 少数

I’m attracted to both guys and girls. People like me are categorised as sexual minorities, which includes people whose sexualities and gender identities are not that of the majority. There are a lot of types of sexualities, and there are a lot that aren’t commonly known.


My first crush who was a girl was a girl I was super close to who went to my university. She was the Yamato beauty type, and was reserved, beautiful, and smart (Yamato beauty = a typically Japanese-looking beautiful girl, usually with long black hair). She already had a boyfriend, so I wasn’t going to do anything -- I just knew that I liked her. Every day, we sat in the same classes, ate lunch, whined during the P.E. classes that we hated, and went home together. It was during junior college so it was only two years, but I remember those two years being such a great time.