living in a society that values appearance




Hi, it’s Azusa. Since I started to learn about feminism, I began to notice how I’ve been told a lot of things about my appearance and my body. I always subconsciously thought that appearance is important, so it was not easy for me to accept that every body is beautiful. I'm gonna share my struggle in accepting that idea and how I want society to be in the future.


I became aware of my looks when I was in junior high school. Until then, I had been quickly growing taller and I thought that I was on the skinny side. But my height didn’t change much after entering junior high school, and I started to think that I might be a little chubby after continuing to eat the same amount of snacks as before. Back then, I had a lot of acne and because I hadn’t had braces yet, the way my mouth looked when it was closed was weird, so I hated myself and didn’t have any confidence. During junior high, I always thought I was ugly. When I became a high school student, my teeth looked better and my acne decreased. Compared to when I was in junior high school, my self-esteem might have had gone up a little bit. But my friends around me were self-conscious about how big their legs were or were going on diets so I also tried to not