getting tattooed for the first time


Hi, it’s Hikari! Today, I wanna share my experience of getting a tattoo for the first time in Japan.


In Japan, “tattoos” are still very taboo. In fact, many public hot springs, swimming pools, some gyms and workplaces won’t allow you to enter if you have a tattoo. Our generation is more open to it, and small tattoos are becoming more acceptable, especially from people who love fashion. However, there are still so many negative connotations because of our history of tattoos which has been associated with yakuza (gangsters). When a famous Japanese TV personality, model, and singer Ryuchell got tattoos and shared how happy he was with it on his social media, many people attacked him in the comments section: “How scary-looking!” “You won’t be able to take your kids to the swimming pool!!” and “There’s no Japanese person who looks good with a tattoo.” This blew up nationwide because of the media, and that’s how sensitive people are with tattoos.