seeking authenticity


Last time on honeyhands, I shared some thoughts concerning my experience being an ERASMUS student in Paris, France. In particular, my article was focused on the topic of feeling homesick when abroad and I shared some advice on how to get accustomed to changes when having to face new environments. Since then, I have been lucky enough to meet new people, visit new places and discover a lot more about the city and about myself.

Despite all the novelties and the fun, a new question got stuck in my mind: am I living an authentic experience? Is my experience living and studying abroad authentic enough?


I have to admit that my curiosity was sparked from the fact that although I hoped to make friends with the locals (with whom I could improve my French), I ended up meeting a lot of other fellow Italian students. I’m not saying that it’s a negative thing: I enjoyed the fact that we all had different cultural backgrounds and points of view despite coming from the same country because most of us studied or are still studying in different cities and regions of Italy. Nevertheless, I started wondering what it would be li