a guide to a zero waste beauty routine

A Beginner’s Guide To A Zero Waste Beauty Routine


Until a few years ago, I wasn’t an environmentally-minded person. I wasn’t aware of the extent of human-induced pollution and I was completely ignorant to the damage that our lifestyle was creating. But something clicked when the news started talking more and more about climate change and the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on global warming, and I became more interested in the impact of humans on the environment. I began questioning my daily choices and how damaging they were to the Earth and its ecosystems. As a reaction, I decided to educate myself and learn how to lead a more eco-friendly and sustainable life.


*サステイナブル = 持続可能であるさま。特に、地球環境を保全しつつ持続が可能な産業や開発などについていう。

Oftentimes, we overlook our responsibility as individuals thinking that our impact is very limited and won’t harm the environment that much. However, once you start summing up all the single footprints you’ll realise that we collectively cause an immense production of waste and pollution. The scale of the problem is so massive that it can be difficult to know what to do about it, and I was fascinated by people that contrary to the majority of us, produce a very limited amount of waste and are still able to lead a normal life. I was particularly interested in the idea of living a zero waste lifestyle which means not creating any waste that goes to the landfill. This seems impossible, but it is: by reusing, reducing, recycling, composting and upcycling.