• mio

women in the workplace



Hi, it’s Mio! It’s been a month since I have become a working member of society. Since I started working, there are a few things I have started to wonder. So today, I am going to share about that!


I am working as an assistant web project manager. My work is about being a bridge between the client and the production team when we make a website. I manage the schedule, from ordering to launching after receiving a request from a client; I create the structure of the website and its contents; I go to the photo studio to shoot things to put on the website. We don’t only work on websites when we receive a request, but we also often suggest to clients, “Would you like to renew your website?”


To put it simply, my work is just like that. Sometimes I have to meet clients directly, so I also play a role of a sales representative. I go to the client’s company with my superiors for meetings, but every time, there is something that always makes me wonder. After we are guided to the meeting room, exchange our business cards, and sit down, someone always brings tea for us. And that “someone” is always a woman. That role may be decided in each company. However, the idea that “bringing tea is women’s work”, is an implicit rule, and I feel so uncomfortable every time. Answering phone calls is too. I don’t think that a miscellaneous task should always be done by a woman. If there are unspoken rules like these, I think everyone should have some questions about it in this world that should strive for gender equality.