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airdrop perverts




* AirDropは、BluetoothやWi-fiを通して、半径9メートル以内にあるアップル製の端末でデータをやり取りできるシステムです。送信者を選ぶだけでデータを一括送信できるのでとても便利な機能です。

Hello, it’s Hikari.

Have you heard of the new type of chikan, “Airdrop chikan”? (Chikan is a Japanese term meaning public sexual harassment and assault.) It is a form of sexual harassment that uses the Airdrop* function on iPhones to send unwanted and unpleasant pictures to nearby iPhones.

*Airdrop = A feature on Apple devices that allows you to send files to other Apple devices within a 9-meter radius.






Recently, my friends have been repeatedly harassed by Airdrop chikan.

“When I was on the train watching a show on my iPhone, I suddenly got a notification saying ‘____ would like to share a photo.’ and a photo of a penis and porn images appeared on my screen.”

“I got sent a photo five times consecutively.”

“It’s disgusting, and I was shocked.”

“When I looked around, I couldn’t tell who sent it to me because everybody was on their phones. I was upset that I couldn’t find the perpetrator.”


When sharing files on Airdrop, names of Apple devices nearby will show up, like “Hikari’s_iphone”. Apparently, the perpetrators send unpleasant images to devices they think to belong to women from the device name. Most of the victims are women, but apparently, there are instances where men get sent graphic or grotesque images and other unpleasant images.


I can’t understand why someone would harass a stranger in public, but what really boils my blood is that it’s hard to find the perpetrator because they can send images anonymously and from a small distance too, and in a crowded place like in a train it is impossible to tell who sent it. Do they think it’s alright because they won’t get caught? It is said that chikan is a manifestation of one’s desire of control and dominance. Whatever their goal is, I seriously cannot forgive such a despicable person and action, and I hope the number of victims don’t continue to increase. Isn’t it scary that they try to insert themselves in someone’s business without the others’ consent? Just because someone’s AirDrop settings makes them able to receive content from everyone, it doesn’t mean that they’re open to receiving unpleasant pictures.


My suggestion for reducing the number of victims of this harassment is to report incidents to the police. To prove how big of an issue this is, I think victims should submit an incident report so that the police can have a count of how frequently this occurs. It’s also easier to talk to the police about it if you screenshot the AirDrop notification without accepting the image. Instead of thinking “They didn’t touch me, and I don’t know who did it, so it’s not a big deal. It’s not worth it to involve the police in.” I think a world where people speak up when they are wronged would be better.




Appleサポート『iPhone、iPad、iPod の名前を変更する』

Appleサポート『iPhone、iPad、iPod touch で AirDrop を使う』

To prevent AirDrop chikan from happening,

・Change the name of your device to something that doesn’t disclose your name

・Change your AirDrop settings to “do not receive” or “receive from contacts only” to restrict who you can receive files from.

Please refer to this article for details:

Apple Support "Change the name of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod"

Apple Support "Use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch"


I was shaking with anger that my dear friends experienced this harassment, but I thought it was important to share that this is happening, and show that it is an unforgivable action. Everyone, please be careful.

Huffington Post Japan - 『「男が痴漢になる理由」なぜ女性も知っておくべきなのか。満員電車でくり返される性暴力』

Huffington Post Japan - 『なぜ痴漢をやめられないのか。性暴力の本質は、“性欲”ではない。』

Images by Hikari Sawada and Yumi

English Translated by Kiara

Edited by Kiara, Eli and Hikari

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