gender and politics



Hello, everyone. I’m Suzuto. I hope you will enjoy my article about gender and politics.

最近見たLGBTQ+をテーマにした『おっさんずラブ』『Call Me by Your Name』 『Boy Erased』などのような作品も、『ドクターX』『女神の見えざる手』みたいに強い女性の主人公がいるものが増えている。そして、あの『プリキュア』にも男性が加わるということもあり、メディアや社会は多様的な性別を受け入れようとしている気がするんだ~。みんなはどのように感じるかな?もちろん、まだまだそういう活動が広がっていってほしいと思っているよ。

There have recently been a lot of anime or dramas that deal with the theme of LGBTQ+ or Women’s rights in Japan and in the world in general. Pretty Cure is a super famous Japanese anime for girls in which middle school girls use magic to fight against monsters. However, recently a junior high school boy became a member of the protagonist team. I also watched “Ossan’s Love”, “Call Me by Your Name” and ”Boy Erased” recently, and I read a book called “Brokeback Mountain” which all had LGBTQ+ themes. I think a lot of works about gender equality are being made in the world nowadays, and society is trying its hardest to think about these kinds of issues.


I take women’s rights seriously, and I also support the LGBTQ+ community. I don’t think heterosexuality is the only form of love in this world, and it should be normal for all of us to support them because each form of love is different, and every form of love is beautiful. Sometimes heterosexual men say that they don’t have anything to do with gender equality or LGBTQ+ rights. However, as a heterosexual man, I think that LGBTQ+ and women’s rights are related to our rights too as well as the diversity of our identities. There are two reasons why I insist on this.