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recharging myself with self-care



It’s Mio! I wrote about "mental and physical maintenance" in last month’s article. When I reflected on my life, I realized that I was living a life that revolves around my job, and that I had no time for myself. So now I'm taking time for self-care and recharging myself mentally and physically in my own way! Today, I would like to share the self-care activities that I am doing!

1. 本を読む

本は昔から大好きでよく読んでたけど、社会人になってから「時間がない」っていうのを言い訳に、読書の優先順位が低くなってしまっていた気がする。いや、低くしてた!でも最近は寝る前の30分を読書の時間に当ててる。そうすることで、寝る前に長い時間携帯を触ることもなくなった。それに読みながら眠くなるから、読書の時間が終わってからすぐに眠りにつけるのが良いところ。毎日仕事でパソコンの画面を何時間も見続けている私にとっては、最高の時間だし、リラックスできる時間のひとつ。ちなみに今読んでいる本は、ハンス・ロスリング氏の『ファクトフルネス 10の思い込みを乗り越え、データを基に世界を正しく見る習慣』。日々のニュースや報道、そして子供時代に受けた教育によって「世界はどんどん悪くなっている」と思い込んでいる私たち。実際、この本を読むまでは、私もそうやって思ってた。そんな私たちの思い込みは「勘違いである」と著者がデータを使って証明してくれる、という内容。私はまだ序盤の方しか読めてないけど、自分の知識がどれだけアップデートされていないか思い知らされたし、自分の勉強不足にショックを受けたくらい。だけどこの本がキッカケで、もっと世界に目を向けようって思ったし、もっと世界の事を知りたいなって思えた。だからこの本はみんなにも読んでほしい!

1. Reading

I have always loved books and I used to read a lot, but since I started working, I feel that I put reading at the bottom of my priority list using “I have no time” as an excuse. But recently, I have been devoting the 30 minutes I have before I go to bed to reading. This also stopped the habit that I had of being on my phone for a long time before going to bed. Another good thing that comes out of this that I can go to sleep as soon as my reading time is over because reading makes me sleepy. It's great for me, as someone who stares at the computer screen for hours every day at work, and it is something that relaxes me. By the way, the book I'm reading now is “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World - And Why Things Are Better Than You Think” by Hans Rosling. We are convinced that the world is getting worse because of the daily news we hear and the education we received as children. Until I read this book, I thought that the world was getting worse too. In this book, Rosling uses data to prove that this is a misunderstanding. I have only read the beginning so far, but it was brought to my attention how much my knowledge was not updated and I was shocked by my lack of knowledge. However, thanks to this book, I now want to see more of this world and to learn more about it. I want everyone to read this book!

2. 深呼吸をする


2. Taking a deep breath

I have my own way that I like to do this. I always use the 15 minutes I have before going to work to this. I open the windows to my room and lie down on the bed. From there, I close my eyes and take a deep breath to relax my mind. (I sometimes accidentally fall asleep, so setting an alarm is essential!) My home is moderately surrounded by nature, so it feels very quiet and calm in the morning. Taking a break after getting ready to leave makes me promise to myself to do my best that day. If I don't do this ritual, I can't settle down at work lol. It's such an important ritual.

3. 温泉に行く


3. Going to the hot springs

I can get rid of fatigue just by immersing myself in warm water and closing my eyes without thinking of anything. I love the time I spend sitting on a bench in the open-air outdoor bath and feeling the breeze. I can't go everyday, but I often go to Fridays and Saturdays when I don't work the next day, and Sundays at the end of the week. I sometimes go with my boyfriend, sometimes with my mom, and sometimes I go alone. Sometimes, I take a bedrock bath which is where you lay on a warm rock! It’s a self care activity that’s a little luxurious for me, as a reward to myself for working hard every day!

4. Netflix・YouTube鑑賞


YouTubeでは、主に海外のユーチューバーをよく見てるよ。私のお気に入りは、Haley KimWear I Live。Haley Kimの映像はとても美しくて、見ていてうっとりするし、彼女からは主にメイクアップ術を学んでる。一方で、Wear I Liveからはライフスタイルを。将来、今の彼と同棲し始めたらこんな家具を置きたいな、とか、こんな食器が欲しいな、とか。それに彼女の作る料理はものすごく美味しそうで、真似したくなる!たまにTravel Vlogもアップしてくれるんだけど、それもまた映像が素敵で、何回でも見てしまう!

4. Watching Netflix and YouTube

On Netflix, when I am watching movies and dramas, I cry and laugh, and expressing my emotions relieves my stress! My favorite show is Stranger Things that everyone loves, and RuPaul ’s Drag Race that I wrote a review article on before. I also love Queer Eye. There is a lot to learn from the LGBTQ+ community, and watching this show makes me feel so positive!

On YouTube, I mainly watch YouTubers from other countries. My favorite channels are Haley Kim and Wear I Live. Haley Kim’s videos are so beautiful and I'm always fascinated when I watch her videos. I mainly learn makeup techniques from her. On the other hand, I watch lifestyle content from Wear I Live. When I watch her videos, I always fantasize about how I want to live in the future -- things like “I would want that piece of furniture when I start living with my boyfriend,” and “I want those dishes.” Also, her cooking looks so delicious and it makes me want to cook it too! Sometimes she also uploads travel vlogs, and it always looks so nice and I end up rewatching them many times!

5. 友達・恋人と過ごす


5. Spending time with loved ones

As someone who likes to be with people, the time I spend with people who I can talk to about anything without worry is special. My friends understand me fully, and I also understand them too. My friends are really amazing regardless of gender, and they always give me a lot of power and love. Also, spending time with my partner is an important part of self-care. He understands and accepts my personality that is talkative, cheerful and a little hot-headed I love the moment when I feel surrounded by his love.


So that’s what I do for self-care. Since I started to do self-care, I feel very motivated and my mind feels refreshed. If taking a little time to myself everyday means I can have my mind and body in a good condition, I think I will make sure to continue to make time for myself. I get really bad PMS, so I hope that that will improve from self-care! I think PMS is



I'm still a self-care beginner, so I want to learn and understand more about it, and do more good things for myself. Do you do self-care? Let me know what you do for self-care!

Haley Kim

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Wear I Live

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Images by Mio

Edited by Kiara and Hikari

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