setting boundaries


Navigating relationships is not easy. Whether you are dealing with a friend, a partner, a family member or a colleague, sometimes you might find yourself facing unpleasant situations. Acknowledging that interacting with that person is making you feel uncomfortable is the first step toward finding a solution to build a healthier relationship. However, facing someone usually involves the risk of creating tension and hard feelings. Is it possible to set personal boundaries without harming a relationship and hurting others?


Not long ago, I had an argument with one of my closest friends. The tension between us had been building up for months but we both ignored it, unsure about how to fix the problems our friendship was facing. A minor misunderstanding was enough to trigger a fight between us. The quarrel happened via text and it involved an unpleasant exchange of accusations. In particular, she blamed me for being too distant and avoiding her, and I accused her of being too possessive and clingy. We then proceeded to avoid each other for several days and my silent treatment would have continued if she didn’t insist to meet and solve our problems. Even though I knew we had to face each other in order to address and fix the issue, I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings even more.