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honeyhands: 3 years old

honeyhands 3周年✨

Hi everyone, it’s Hikari! Today, on November 1st, honeyhands turns three years old! Whoop whoop!


Thank you very much to every single one of you who has taken the time to read our writers’ articles, send us comments on the articles, make article topic requests, ask us questions, share our articles, apply as an intern writer, send us submissions, follow us on social media (Instagram / Twitter / Facebook), talk to your friends about us... you guys are all awesome and so sweet. It means the world to us. Without you, honeyhands would be ended a long time ago and we can’t thank you enough.


We have been working hard towards making a safe space where we can talk openly about our feelings, thoughts and ideas on issues that are too taboo or difficult to speak up about. I myself am still learning a lot of new things every day from our writers and the people we collaborate with. Please feel free to send us requests and questions via the contact page or our social media DMs! And, we’re always looking for new intern writers -- so if you’re interested, please check the details on the wanted page.

私たちは、まだまだ声を大にして話せないことや話にくい感情や考え、意見などをオープンに共有できるセーフスペースを作ることに勤めています。私も、honeyhandsのライターや他メディアとのコラボレーションから毎日新しいことを学んでいます。ぜひ、コンタクトページもしくはSNSのDMなどから、みなさまのご意見・リクエスト・質問、お聞かせください!また、honeyhandsでは、常にインターンライターを募集しています。もし興味があればWanted ページも見てみてください◎

The honeyhands team has grown over the past year as well, so I’ll introduce all of our members to you here:


Again, thank you very much for your love and support! We’re very excited to share another year of honeyhands with you!

本当にみなさまの愛とサポートをありがとうございます!また1年間、honeyhandsで素晴らしいコンテンツをお届けできますよう精進してまいりますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします :)

xx honeyhands

GIF by Lola Rose

Edited by Eli and Kiara

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