change of seasons



When I leave the house in the morning and feel the cold breeze, my heart flutters. I walk to a cafe ten minutes away from my house, and order coffee. There, I check my emails, read books, and work on schoolwork. I’m not great at waking up in the morning, and I used to often stay up late and wake up around noon. But recently, I have been waking up at 8:00am when my lover leaves for work, and I head to the cafe for coffee no matter how sleepy I am. In the summer I drank an iced americano every day, but I’ve been enjoying this season that makes me want to drink a hot coffee.


Noticing that my hair grew out a bit since keeping it short in the summer. Wearing fall clothes. The beautiful sky and clouds. The crisp air. How my lover who didn’t hold my hand much in the hot summer has been touching me more. In graduate school, there’s a lot of work as usual and I can’t take a break, but I feel good.