• rio

is only having a few friends ok?




What do you think about people who like to be alone or only have a few friends? Is it something to be embarrassed about? Since I was little, I’ve always preferred to do things on my own. I thought it was enough to have just a couple friends. However, whenever I told someone about how I prefer to be alone and have a few friends, most of them had negative reactions. In this article, I will share my story about the negative image of having few friends that I felt, and my opinion on it with you.


I am not good at saying things I don’t truly mean, and I found myself not fitting in, especially in high school. When I ignored the vibe that my friend group gave off of wanting me to agree with them, they excluded me. For example, when my friends and I were looking at jewellery and one of them asked, “Isn’t this cute?” I couldn’t say my opinion and just laughed it off. I did not want to disturb the harmony by saying that I disagree, so this was the only way to show my opinion for me. Now that I’m in university, I have learnt to communicate my thoughts in words, but since I disliked the vibe where people seek agreement, in middle school and high school I usually avoided being in a group of friends.