i’ve never fallen in love


Hi everyone, it’s Akari. Have you ever fallen in love with someone? I believe romantic love is so beautiful and amazing. When I read and watch romantic stories, I am really moved by them. But I’ve never experienced these kinds of feelings for anybody for 20 years. Of course, I have love in my heart because I love my family and friends.


When I started high school, I thought most people would experience something romantic in their school life, and I was filled with joyful expectations even though I didn’t know what being in love with someone meant. At that time, I was always seeking someone who likes me and someone who I could crush on.


In society, people also talked as if everyone can be in love with someone in their lifetime. In my school, romantic gossip was always one of the biggest topics when I chatted with girls, and many boys talked about attractive girls. Also in Japanese fashion magazines for girls, a lot of articles are indirectly about how to be liked by boys, and it seems to say that dating a boy can make your school life happier.