dealing with winter blues



The Finnish summer passed away in a sudden moment, the autumn colors welcomed me into the new season. Then Finnish winter crept in and before I knew it, the trees in front of me had lost their leaves and the rich colors of nature suddenly disappeared. The scenery changed into a world without color. The plants withered and I stopped seeing animals like squirrels and rabbits. The wind that gently wrapped me in the summer now makes my face feel frozen in a second. In the summer, the sun was up from around 5 am to 10 pm, but the day has gotten shorter and now it comes up at around 9 am, and the sky is already dark by around 4 pm.


In Finland, November is said to be the darkest month of the year. The snow that brightens the scenery doesn’t pile up, and it rains a lot and melts the snow in a few days. Plus, the daytime is suddenly shorter and the sky is cloudy every day. Because of this, Finland is now in the season where people feel sluggish and their hearts sink. In fact, it seems like I’ve already experienced the effects of Finnish winter. First of all, I stopped being able to wake up with my alarm since October. Even if I manage to get up in the morning, I still feel like it’s midnight and I can’t wake up comfortably. Next, my body started to always feel heavy and my motivation to do housework and study disappeared all at once. Although I have so many things to do, I didn’t want to do anything, and I watched YouTube and Netflix mindlessly. I repeated this vicious cycle of blaming and hating myself from the day before, over and over again.