• yuri

the purpose of a trip


旅の目的って何だろう? その土地を知るため、まだ見たことのない新しい景色に出会うため、日常から離れるため…… 人それぞれ、いろいろな目的を持って旅に出ると思う。もしくは、特に目的もなくふら~っと旅に出ることもあるかもしれない。私が最近経験した二つの旅から感じたことをシェアしたいと思う!

What is the purpose of travel? Is it to get to know the place, to encounter new sceneries you’ve never seen before, or to get away from daily life? Everyone who goes on a trip travels for a different purpose, and sometimes that purpose may be to travel with no concrete purpose in mind. I’m going to share what I felt through two trips which I took recently.


Firstly, I’ll tell you about my trip to Porto, a city in Portugal. Portugal is located in the westernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, so I always wanted to go there if I ever had the chance of studying abroad in Spain. I have been studying in Spain from September, and I finally got the chance! I decided to go to Porto because it is close to Salamanca where I am living and I could visit Porto as a weekend trip. For this trip, I researched places I should go and planned with the goal of hopping around tourist spots.

その中の一つで、ポルトに行くなら絶対に行きたい場所があった。それは、世界一美しい本屋と言われている「レロ書店」(Livraria Lello)。大学の友達に教えてもらった本屋で、本も本屋も大好きな私は、友達がその写真を見せてくれた時、とて