changes in my mind from yoga




Hi, it’s Azusa!

I started Yoga this year. I’ve been doing it almost every day while following instructional videos on Youtube. Today, I’m gonna share how yoga has changed my body and mind.


It’s not easy for me to have a good relationship with my body. When I look at myself in the mirror, I often get disappointed to see my body look bigger than I thought. I recently noticed that my belly is getting bigger, which might be from how much I ate in the holiday season. I feel conflicted that I see being bigger as a negative thing as well. I wish the societal pressure for people to stay slim would go away, but feeling like this about my body makes me notice that I care about how society sees me too.


I don’t usually exercise very much. I didn’t really like PE classes at school, and I tend to see exercise as something competitive or tough and exhausting. Sometimes doing stretches and yoga after taking a bath when I felt like it was as far as the exercise went for me, and I didn’t really do it every day either.