• mio

sex education shouldn't be taboo!



I recently started seeing people online expressing that sex education in Japan is very lacking and behind. Thinking back on how I learned about information related to sex, I realized that most of my knowledge on it came from the internet and books and that I don’t remember being taught much about it in school.


There is a Netflix original series called Sex Education. The main character is Otis, a high school boy. Because his mother is a sex therapist, he has a lot of knowledge about sex although he has never experienced it. One day, he was invited by his crush Maeve to start a “sex consultation clinic” to give advice to their schoolmates… That’s the premise of the series. It’s a lot of fun to see Otis solve his classmates' problems even though he’s not the most social or popular person at school. It shows problems people have with sex in an unfiltered way, but the series itself is so comedic that makes it easy to watch. There’s a lot to learn from this series. What’s great about this series is that it does not just focus on teenage sex, but also focuses on deeper content such as parental pressure, homosexuality, and abortion.