becoming someone



Last fall, I started thinking about going to graduate school although I had never thought of it before. In my university, I belong to the department of international relations, and I’m studying in a seminar about research on societies in developing countries based on our own interests. But, the more I study, the more I want to learn deeply on these case studies and I feel that the one and a half years I have left until graduating university is not enough. That is the reason I started thinking about graduate school.


After I made up my mind, I told my parents that I was thinking about going to graduate school. Then, they asked me, “What do you want to be after graduating from graduate school? What do you want to do in the future?”


I also talked to a professor of the seminar about graduate school when I contacted him about a report at the end of last year. He replied to me that “making sure that the research has an ‘end product’ is a ‘very normal’ important condition for various international cooperation projects and businesses of private corporations.” I think that the ‘end product’ which he said, means the goal or meaning of the research and the way to use them in the future. I’m not so sure of the ‘end product’ yet. I don’t even know the ‘very normal’ conditions clearly. I felt like I was told that I was not worth going to graduate school. I struggled to sleep at night since I received the email.