• mio

feeling nostalgic



Just one year has passed from what is called student life. I think there are many people who look back at that time and think that it was more fun and want to return to that time. I am one of those who feel that way. But in my case, when I feel nostalgic, I tend to be sad and depressed to regret not being able to return to the past, and it is difficult to come back from that feeling. I don't really want to go back and start over that part of my life again. I simply want to see myself and friends at that time who were devoted to club activities, or I want to spend the days again thinking about that person who I liked even though that love was not fulfilled. Or I want to go to class again with lack of sleep after hanging out with my college friends until the morning. I just want to go back to each of those wonderful moments and enjoy that moment again. I can't do that, but I just want to go back ... the feeling of looping back into the same thought, getting depressed, and sometimes I end up even crying.