• yuka

alone time — the best form of self-care



What do you feel when you hear the phrase “alone time”?


For me, it’s excitement. I love spending time alone, and think it’s the greatest luxury. I’m really good at spending alone time so I’ll share with you how I like to spend it.


It’s my favourite thing to spend the night before the weekend alone. In the bath, I plan the things I want to do the following day, and imagine the soft sunlight that will stream through the windows in the morning. I can make all the decisions that make up my day. I can sleep as many hours as I want, but I choose to wake up early. In the morning, I head to my favourite local café and relax drinking a hot coffee. What should I have for lunch? Should I go to the hairdresser that I’ve been curious about? Digging for hidden gems at the thrift shop also sounds fun. Just thinking about my plans excites me. On the day of, you can start your day how you planned; or you can choose to do something else if you don’t feel like it anymore. I often hear people say that they feel guilty when they spent most of the day sleeping, but I think there’s no need to feel guilt for that. It’s not harming anyone else, so you should accept that you slept as a form of self-care. Listen to your heart, be gentle with yourself and tell yourself “I guess I was really tired today.”