second-hand clothing stores in finland



There were many times where I would buy clothes but immediately throw them away when I realize that I don't like the way they look on me. I purchased most of those clothes from fast fashion brands. I never thought of where my clothes would go after being thrown away, and I often imagined the clothes I wanted to buy in the future. But after learning about the dark side of fast fashion through various kinds of social media and news articles, I started to feel guilty about the large amount of clothes I had discarded, and I decided to never buy fast fashion again. Since then, I have been going to second-hand clothing stores more often, and also visited some second-hand clothing stores in Finland while studying abroad. While I was preparing to return from Finland, I remembered last summer when I explored second-hand clothing stores. Today, I would like to introduce the two of my favorite second-hand clothing stores in Finland that I wanted to visit again before going back to Japan, and discuss some of the issues that come with fast fashion.