you are what you eat


This is a saying that nearly everyone in the English-speaking world knows. It has a simple meaning. The things that we put ingest are what our bodies are made of. This saying is often used in terms of thinking of food as good or bad for our bodies. We don't often think about how they may be bad or good for the Earth. Those things don't appear out of thin air - there is a process and an industry that produces the food that we consume. If we consume products that were made using unethical methods, does this in turn make us unethical?


As a child, I ate voraciously, shoveling food into my mouth as if someone was going to take it from me. At that age, food was enjoyment rather than sustenance. I didn't consider the ecological process of creating food -- raising and slaughtering animals, growing and harvesting crops. I didn't see myself as part of the circle of life that all living things exist within.



This month of April is a celebration of the Earth and in the reflection of that, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I eat. While most people think of Earth Day as a time of being environmentally conscious, I consider it to be more about our connection to the Earth. When we are disconnected from it, it's easy for us to live without consideration of not only the Earth, but the other creatures that share it - and that we often eat.