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giving back to nature



When I think about what kind of lifestyle I feel most comfortable living, the first thing that comes to my mind is living with nature. I've been surrounded by nature since I was little, so it is something I can't live without. Reading a book in the warm sunshine, running along a riverbank on a sunny day, or going to the beach to see the stars. I believe that the best way to keep my mind and body in a good state is to be in touch with nature.



I've had many opportunities to be in touch with nature since I was little, and one of my most memorable experiences was at my great-grandmother’s house in the mountains. Every summer, all the relatives would gather at her house to pick tea, cut bamboo to do nagashi somen*, and play in the river. There was no air conditioning at all, so all the windows in the house would be left open and a nice breeze would come in all day. I would nap on the tatami mat, and wake up to a delicious meal made with lots of vegetables from the field. Now that I think about it, it was such a luxury.

I'm not sure about that now that I'm an adult. My phone is always within reach, and when I'm working, I'm staring at my computer. Honestly, it's exhausting every day like that, and it's not good for my mind or body. That's why being in contact with nature on a regular basis in the way I said before is the best way for me to refresh and relax.

*nagashi somen = a type of Japanese food where thin-cut noodles are served flowing in a small flume.


In addition, I feel like nature is always on my side and there for me at all times. I once laid in my garden at night, crying and staring at the stars when I was struggling with job hunting and felt stuck and desperate. Looking at the starry sky calmed me down and made me feel that I was okay. Last summer, when my work didn't go the way I wanted it to, I once drove off after work to see the ocean. I was just sitting on the sand and looking out at the water, but the sound of the waves was so soothing that everything that was cloudy inside of my head just flowed away. Even if there are no words there, I feel that nature is holding me close and telling me the reassuring words that I want to hear.



Nature is really important to me. So every time I hear or see news about environmental issues, I get a sobering feeling. It makes me sad when I think of the loss or defacement of the familiar scenery. For example, regarding the sea. When the plastic waste we emit ends up in the sea, it not only pollutes the marine environment, but it also affects the marine ecosystem. In fact, if a marine animal mistakenly eats a garbage bag or the like for bait, it cannot digest it in the body and it becomes clogged in the body, which means it cannot eat any more food and finally dies. Other than that, regarding the starry sky; I've seen articles about how the stars are currently being obscured by air pollution and light pollution from excessive light. Where I live now is far from the big city, so the stars look so beautiful and so close at night. But I'm very sad when I think about when these beautiful stars will become hazy and I can't see them anymore. I think the energy that nature gives us is really amazing! I think it's giving us an invisible power. That's why I think we should give back to nature, too.


It could be something really small, like using a bag instead of getting a plastic bag, or having a “my bottle” instead of buying a plastic bottle. In addition to the above two things I actually do, I also use my handkerchiefs instead of paper towels, I don't leave the water running, I sell clothes I no longer wear, and I don't buy fast fashion. They are small things, but I think they are proper eco-activities and valuable actions to protect nature.


We live by getting help from the power of nature. It is important for each of us to live our lives with this awareness, and to take some action. I am starting with things that I myself can do for our planet! In order to do so, I want to continuously study and keep updating my knowledge! I would like to use what I have learned to do more good things for the earth and give back to nature.


Gooddo - 『プラスチックごみによる海洋汚染に迫る!』 環境省 - 『光害(ひかりがい)について』 Images by Mio

English Edited by Hanayo

Edited by Kiara and Hikari

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