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my experience after 30 days of online yoga


Nowadays, you can virtually learn anything you want online. No matter what new ability you'd like to master, there always seems to be a video, a podcast, an article that can respond to your needs. Until a few years ago I was ignoring the endless possibilities the web offers but I'm now taking advantage of such an abundance of content, grateful to be living at a time when there are so many different ways to learn new things. Among the different things you can learn online, fitness and wellness have a strong online presence. In fact, a lot of people turn to online tutorials to get in shape and to become healthy which is completely understandable especially considering how expensive gyms and fitness classes can be.


Since I moved back to Italy after my semester abroad in Paris, I've been looking for a yoga studio in my hometown, but the quest has been unsuccessful. Most of the classes are either too overpriced or do not fit my schedule. As a result, I decided to give online yoga tutorials a try. I first heard about it a few years ago from my sister who had randomly stumbled across some YouTube videos and started doing yoga. Despite my sister's pleas to join her, I was very skeptical about online yoga practice. I thought that because yoga consists of precise movements and poses, it could only be taught in person by an instructor in class. After my change of perspective, I started trying to learn yoga by watching videos on YouTube. I've become fond of the channel Yoga With Adriene in particular. Yoga With Adriene is one of the most popular YouTube channels dedicated to yoga; it has almost six million subscribers and it provides free yoga tutorials and guided meditation videos. To be honest, I was already familiar with the channel, as for the past two years I have been dedicating myself to online meditation and using her videos to manage my anxiety.

パリでのエラスムスプログラム(EUにおける学生の流動化を促進するために設立された、交換留学制度。)を終えてイタリアに戻って来てから、私は地元でヨガスタジオを探したけれど、ほとんどのヨガ教室は値段が高すぎるか、予定が合わず、スタジオ探しは失敗に終わりました。そこで、オンラインのヨガチュートリアルを試してみることにしました。私は数年前にオンラインのヨガについて、姉が偶然いくつかYouTubeの動画を見つけて、ヨガを始めていたことを聞いたことがありました。彼女から一緒にヨガをやらないかという誘いを受けていたにも関わらず、私はオンラインのヨガチュートリアルをなぜか信用していませんでした。ヨガは正確な動きとポーズから構成されているので、教室でインストラクターに直接教わることしかできないと思っていたから。私のこの考え方が変わった後は、YouTubeの動画を見ながらヨガを学び始めました。私は特に『Yoga with Adriene(Adrieneとのヨガ)』チャンネルが好きです。『Yoga With Adriene』は、ヨガを専門にしているYouTubeチャンネルの中で、最も人気のあるチャンネルの一つ。チャンネル登録者はおよそ600万人ほどで、無料のヨガチュートリアルとガイド付きの瞑想を配信しています。実はこの2年間、オンラインの瞑想にハマって、自分が抱える不安とうまく向き合うために、彼女の動画を利用していたので、私は既に彼女のチャンネルの存在は知っていました。

In the last few months, I've tried to learn the basic movements and the easiest yoga poses on YouTube. However, because there are so many videos I felt a little bit lost, not knowing where to start. Thankfully, Yoga with Adriene provides a "30 days of yoga challenge" which consists of a series of videos of yoga practices for each day of the month. Every video is different in length and content, some last thirty minutes others only fifteen, and every video has different goals. I deeply enjoyed the fact that I never knew what was coming next and the unpredictability kept me excited about the practice. I originally thought of tracking my thoughts and daily improvements to share with you all but after the first two weeks I noticed that some days didn't feel much different from the previous so instead I decided to share what I've learned overall from this challenge.

数ヶ月間、YouTubeで基本の動きと最も簡単なヨガのポーズを学ぼうとしました。でも、動画が沢山ありすぎて何から始めればいいか分からず、少し迷ってしまいました。ありがたいことに、『Yoga with Adriene』は、一ヶ月間毎日ヨガの練習を続けるための、一連の動画シリーズ『30日のヨガチャレンジ』を配信しています。そのシリーズ内の動画は、長さも内容も一つ一つ違っていて、30分のものもあれば、15分だけのものもあり、動画ごとに異なる目的を持っていました。私は、どんな動画が次に来るのか全く分からないことにワクワクして、飽きることなくヨガの練習を続けられることができました。この記事で自分の考えや日々の進歩の経過を共有しようと、始めはそれを意識することで頭がいっぱいでした。初めの2週間が過ぎると、日によっては前日と比べて変化を感じないこともあって、毎日の記録をシェアする代わりに私がこのチャレンジから全体的に学んだことを共有しようと思います。

The most difficult part is unrolling the mat. I've already mentioned that I struggle with being consistent, and practicing yoga regularly was very challenging. You may think that dedicating yourself to a half hour practice is easy, but sometimes carving that time out of my day felt impossible. As I noticed my struggle, I decided to create a routine and practice every day around the same time, only making exceptions when my schedule didn't allow me to. The regularity made it easier for me to practice every day, and my mind and body slowly got used to the routine.


I have taken so many things that my body does for me every day for granted. Practicing yoga has helped me become more mindful about how my body moves and supports me every day. Even if some poses felt overwhelmingly difficult, I've learned to appreciate the struggle instead of despising it and to accept my flaws, being grateful for my resilience.


Stop striving for perfection. Sometimes when I couldn't get a pose right I got so frustrated that I forgot the whole point of doing yoga: enjoying myself and learning something new. Just because you're not good at something at first, it doesn't mean that you should give up or be angry about it. Patience really is a virtue, one that I often forget to cultivate. I realized that instead of getting frustrated and being negative about it, I should put all that energy to get better while still accepting my limits.


Just try it. I often give up trying something new even if I'd actually like to experience it, because I fear I won't be good enough and make up excuses to justify my lack of action. Despite my interest, it took me months to start practicing yoga and even if I'm far from being good at it, I'm glad I dedicated my time to something I'm passionate about.


Overall, I really enjoyed the "30 days of yoga" challenge and I think that it’s an amazing opportunity to start yoga and to learn something new. All the videos are free, so if you're interested I really encourage you to try it yourself. Not only has it helped me become more mindful and calm, but I also feel much stronger than I did before. I think that I’ll keep up with the daily practice, treasuring all the new things that I’ve learned. What about you? Have you ever tried online yoga tutorials?


Images by Elisa

Japanese Translated by Kanaco

Edited by Eli, Kiara and Hikari

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