• nana

thoughts on lookism from a pop idol fan



I’ve loved pop stars since I was in high school. I’m super into K-pop idols right now, and it gives me so much happiness to see them shining bright. However, recently I’ve started to feel discomfort when I support them.


That discomfort comes from lookism. Lookism is when one values, judges, or discriminates a person based on their looks. In other words, it is when what is considered “beautiful” is seen as “good”, and conversely what is considered “not beautiful” is seen as “bad”. I think that there should be a stop to lookism. But I feel its existence very strongly when I support the pop idols that I love. At the same time, it felt wrong that I still liked pop idols at all.


Last fall, I got really into a show where people audition to become pop idols. It’s a famous Korean show that everybody who likes K-pop would know. The people who were auditioning were called trainees, and the show was broadcasted for around three months. I made a Twitter account dedicated to the show which I would use to gather information to do with the show and the trainees, and share my comments on the show as I was watching