feminism in my family



Do you share your thoughts about feminism with your family? I rarely talked to my family about feminism. Rather, I didn't know much about feminism before, and maybe I didn't notice that I unconsciously talked about something related to feminism. That's how much the idea of ​​feminism actually fits into our lives. I realize now that the words that were mere complaints and small discussions at home were related to feminism.


I have four family members, my mother, father, sister, and me. My mother is a housewife working part-time, my father is a salaried worker, and my sister and I are students. My mother does all the housework and my father earns the money for the family. This job role is completely constructed and divided by gender. Before I knew about feminism, I thought it was normal. But now, when my mother talks about inequalities in my family, I feel like my mother lost a lot of things such as her education, career, and what she wants to do in order to support our current life although my father doesn't sacrifice as much. I also feel that my mother tries to provide opportunities for us and believes in our future. So, here I would like to share the conversations related to feminism with my mother and what I thought about it.