in between masculinity and femininity



Since I started to learn about feminism at university, I’ve been thinking about not only my sexuality but my gender identity and gender expression. I wonder how feminine I am, and what this gender binary is in the first place. Have you thought about these before?


* ノンバイナリ― = 男性、女性という二元論(ジェンダーバイナリー)に当てはまらない、またはその分類を越えた人々

Today, I’m going to talk about my struggles to express myself in a society where gender binary is the norm. Gender identity is how you see yourself and what you call yourself, and gender expression is how you outwardly show your gender identity by clothing, language (including body language), and behaviour. Although I see myself as a woman, I don’t like to be expected to be feminine, and to be made to feel that I’m a woman. Gender identity can be fluid, so my gender identity might change in the future. Currently, I think that I’m a woman close to non-binary -- a person who does not define oneself by a gender, male or female.


I feel a lot of things are placed into male or female categories in society -- a gender binary. I started to question this binary since I’ve learned about gender and feminism issues, and got access to more information in English. As I mentioned this before in the article “How I learned about feminism”, I didn’t feel weird about why things were categorised until taking women’s studies class.