• mio

what we must learn from her death



Last month, Hana Kimura, a professional wrestler who appeared on the reality show Terrace House passed away. She took her own life after being slandered on social media. What did you think when you heard this news?

わたしは、この報道を聞いた途端、血の気が引きました。画面越しに見ていた彼女が…まさか…嘘だ…と頭が真っ白になりました。わたしは長年の『テラスハウス』ファンで、全シリーズをリアルタイムで追いかけて見ていました。ネットフリックスに登録したのも、この番組が見たかったからです。もちろん、今期放送されていた『テラスハウス TOKYO 2019-2020』も全て見ていました。シーズンの途中から入居した木村花さんは、入居当初は「ピュアな女の子」という印象で、キラキラした大きな目が特徴的だなと思ったのを覚えています。

When I found out, the colour drained from my face. I couldn't believe that the person I had been watching on the screen had passed away. I kept thinking to myself, “No way… It can’t be...” I've been a longtime fan of Terrace House and I've kept up with all the seasons. This show is the reason I got a Netflix subscription. Of course, I had been keeping up with the latest season, Tokyo 2019–2020, the one Hana was in. When I first saw her on the show, I remember thinking that she seemed really genuine, and had large sparkling eyes.