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3 web series about queer women



I’ve written an article on the wave of popularity in the Asian BL drama series. While doing research on the topic, I wondered why there were not as many series about queer women as BL series. Personally, it might be because GL and lesbian series haven’t gotten many viewers like BL and gay series do.


* 百合 / GL(ガールズラブ) = 女性同士の同性愛を扱った漫画やアニメ、ライトノベルなどのジャンルのこと。女性同士の恋愛だけではなく、友愛、友情を描いたものを広く含んで指すこともある。

** ファンダム = 趣味・アニメ・漫画・小説・スポーツなどの分野の熱心なファンたち、また熱心なファンによる世界、彼らによって形成された文化を指す。

Since I mentioned this in the past article on BL, its drama series have been attracting a wider audience. While BL genre has been told and read by women most of the time, recent BL web series are starting to reach out to those who haven’t enjoyed it before. What these series depict could be relatable for queer people to some extent because some of them deal with themes such as coming out, interenalized homophobia etc. On the other hand, when it comes to the production of series about queer women, I can imagine that people are still figuring out how to find their target audience. Compared to BL, it seems that Yuri (GL) genre doesn’t have such a big fandom because they have been growing little by little. Those series can become popular among Yuri fans and queer people, but I personally find it important to increase the number of fans who haven’t watched this kind of series, so we will be able to watch more diverse women’s stories in the media. Today, I would like to introduce 3 queer women web series on YouTube!

* Yuri / GL (Girls’ Love) = a genre of Japanese media focusing on intimate relationships between female characters. It is commonly associated with manga, anime and light novels. The genre is inclusive of not only romantic relationships but also emotional and spiritual relationships between women.

1. 親愛的天王星 Dear Uranus(台湾・2021年)全3話 英語字幕あり

台湾のレズビアンカップルYouTuber『Rabbit & Wolf』がプロデュースした全3話のミニGL*シリーズ。台湾では2019年に同性婚が法制化されたにも関わらず、BLシリーズに比べGLシリーズの数が少ないことを疑問に思って制作を決めたそう。

1. Dear Uranus (Taiwan・2021) 3 episodes

This series is produced by Taiwanese lesbian couple YouTuber “Rabbit & Wolf”. They decided to make it because there are not many GL series as BL even though same-sex marriage was legalized in Tawain in 2019.






The main characters are three high school students, Ruo Ning, Yi Ching, and Jing Chen. Ruo Ning is in the Taekwondo club and she attracts attention from people around her because of her good skills at it. Yi Ching seems to have feelings for her. Although Jing Chen hasn’t gotten over her ex, she’s starting to be interested in Ruo Ning because she finds something in common between her ex and Ruo Ning. Who is Ruo Ning going to choose between Yi Ching and Jing Chen...?

One of the things that attracted me is that the three girls are all unique and attractive! Besides, the production team seems to try to represent characters who don't fit in traditional femininity because they are all short haircuts and are in the Taekwondo club. I like that there’s consent between characters and that they use some small rainbow items during some scenes, which made me feel like, “This is what I wanted to watch!”

It’s a bit disappointing that I couldn’t know more about each character and how their feelings change because of the time limitation (about 10 minutes for each episode). But I personally think that this is a great start for the first Taiwanese GL series! I hope that more and more Asian GL and lesbian series will be produced in the near future.

2. Pearl’s Next Door(フィリピン・2020年)全8話 英語字幕あり


2. Pearl’s Next Door (Philippines・2020) 8 episodes

Pearl’s Next Door was made as a spin-off from the Filipino BL series “Gameboys”, which was one of the well-known Filipino BL series from last year. What is interesting about this show is that the story goes mainly online by using zoom and social media because of the pandemic.




* SOGIE = 性的指向 (sexual orientation) 、性自認 (gender identity) 、性表現 (gender expression) の頭文字を組み合わせた用語。SOGIEはLGBTQ+の人々だけではなく、すべての人たちが持っている性に関するアイデンティティを指す。

** バイフォビア = バイセクシュアル(両性愛)の人々への差別や偏見を表す言葉。「バイセクシュアルは一時的なものであり、バイセクシュアルの人々が結局異性愛者または同性愛者になる」と信じるなど、バイセクシュアリティの存在を否定するものをはじめとし、様々なケースがある。

*** ポリアモリー = 複数の人と恋愛関係を築く恋愛スタイルのこと。関わる人全員の合意を得ているというのが特徴。

**** セルフプレジャー= 1人で行う性的行為のこと。近年、「マスタベーション」に代わって使われるようになってきた言葉。


The main character, Pearl, has started calling Karleen often since the quarantine began. She realizes that her feelings towards Karleen have changed through talking with her often. She finally makes her mind and tells Karleen that she likes her, but Karleen, who identifies herself as lesbian, says to Pearl, “Sorry, I don’t want to date with straight or bisexual girls, I’m over that phase,” which made Pearl disappointed. But, one day, she got a call from her old friend, Alex. She said, “I’ve heard that you’re single …? Let’s chat more often.” And they begin to spend more time together. After Karleen knew that Pearl and Alex are getting closer, she became aware of how she feels towards Pearl.

I read an interview, where a screenwriter said, “We wanted to portray strong female characters that are independent, vulnerable, but also flawed.” I gradually understand what she meant by continuing to watch this series, because as I start to know about the various sides of each character, I’ve come to like them. She also said that the whole team including the cast had a SOGIE discussion so that they can all be on the same page about the issue before the shooting, which I find pretty important! One of the things that I like about this series is that it deals with a lot of themes, which haven’t often been described in the media, like biphobia, polyamory, female self-pleasure and more.

3. SKAM España Season 2(スペイン・2019年)全10話 日本語字幕あり


3. SKAM España Season 2 (Spain・2019) 10 episodes

This series is originally from the Norwegian teen drama “SKAM” (2015-2017). It covers a wide range of topics such as sexual assault, queerness, mental illness, religion, drag and more. It follows a new character each season. Since the show attracted a lot of audience mainly in Europe, remakes were produced in some countries and SKAM España is the Spanish version of the show. While the original version portrays the romance between men in season three, Spanish one changes it into romance between women.



SKAMはヨーロッパ数ヶ国でリメイクされているドラマだから、国による違いを見てみるのも面白そう!今のところ、スペイン版はYouTubeで4シーズン全話配信されているよ。(シーズン4は日本語字幕なし)あと、日本のAmazon PrimeではSKAMフランス版(シーズン3、4のみ)も見れるから、気になる人はぜひチェックしてみてね!


Cris and Joana are the main characters in this season. Cris meets a transfer student, Joana, and they eventually get to be a pair for a project of literature class. They are starting to have feelings for each other, but things don’t go that easily. Cris wants to date Joana, but Joana seems to have something that she hasn’t talked to Cris about…

Since SKAM has been remade in several European countries, it might be fun to see how different they are depending on countries. As of now, you can watch all seasons (1-4) of SKAM España on YouTube (No English subtitles for season 4).


今まで私が見てきたレズビアン作品の中には、男性目線で女性たちが描かれることもあって、がっかりすることもあった。だから、個人的には、この記事で取り上げてきたシリーズみたいに、クィア女性の視点から描いた女性同士の物語がもっと増えてほしいと思っているよ。そして、日本でもクィア女性が共感できるような作品が生まれていってほしいし、それがポジティブに受け入れられるようになったらいいな。それから、レズビアンを描いた海外作品が日本でももっとポジティブに取り上げられるようになってほしい!例えば、映画『ブックスマート』(2019) の予告編を見てみると、日本版の予告編では英語版とは異なり、主人公の1人がレズビアンであることが全く触れられていない。おそらく、彼女がレズビアンであることを予告の時点で前面に出してしまうと、多くの人たちに観てもらえないかもしれないと考え、宣伝することを控えようとしたのかな…と思う。これは、日本でLGBTQ+の人々がまだまだ受け入れられていないからなのかもしれない。でも、今まで取り上げられてこなかった人々やトピックを、当事者の想いや意見、声を尊重しながら、メディアが積極的に発信することで、人々の意識を少しずつ変え、みんながもっと生きやすい社会や明るい未来につながっていくと私は思う。日本で早く婚姻の平等が実現されるためにも、真正面からストーリーが描かれてほしいし、それが適切な言葉とともに多くの人々に伝わってほしいな!

From what I introduced, was there a series that you found interesting?

I’ve sometimes felt disappointed to watch lesbian dramas and movies because women are portrayed through the male gaze. So, hopefully, there will be more stories told by queer women in the future like the series I’ve mentioned above. Moreover, I’ll be happy if Japan will be accepting queerness more in general because I believe that we need more queer women’s stories that queer people can actually relate to. I also hope that foreign lesbian movies and dramas will be more positively viewed in Japan. For example, taking a look at Japanese and English versions of a trailer of “Booksmart” (2019), the Japanese one doesn’t mention that one of the main characters is lesbian. It’s not obvious like the English one probably because the marketing team thought that the movie couldn’t reach out to a lot of people if they pointed out that she is lesbian. At the same time, this would suggest that queer people still haven’t been accepted in Japan. But I find it important for the media to try to show underrepresented people and themes while respecting their true voices. These things will offer people opportunities to educate themselves and build a society where everyone feels more comfortable. I hope that we can see more stories told with real voices and conveyed with the right words so that same-sex marriage becomes legal in Japan soon!


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