animal life has no expiration date



When I was in primary school, I read a book about how dogs are euthanized in animal shelters. Pictures of dogs in the book appealed to me as if they were saying “I don’t want to die”, and they were stuck in my head for a long time. It was too cruel for my past self. I remember tears running down my cheeks at the devastating reality, to which I felt powerless. Right after I found out about it, I reached out to the Ministry of the Environment about pets. Young as I was, I spelled out my feelings and told them that they should restrict laws for those abandoned animals, whose lives depended on humans’ irresponsible reasons like: “I just don’t want it anymore”. I even had a naive expectation that my email might be able to appeal to adults to change the situation. However, no matter how long I waited, thousands of dogs and cats are still being put to sleep. As we speak, many lives of animals that should not be taken away are getting sacrificed right now. I started to think that sending an email was not going to change anything, and that I should voluntarily take action instead of waiting around for somebody else to do it.


Do you know where dogs and cats at pet shops come from, and what happens to those who couldn't find an owner? Animals we see at pet shops get separated from their own parents at their birth just to spend months in a small cage and wait for somebody to buy them. My heart ached every time I saw them at the shops. I even thought “those places should go away!”. When I went to a shopping mall, however, I never failed to visit a pet shop without hesitation. As a kid, I would stick to a showcase while my family went shopping so that I could entertain those animals and help them kill their boredom. When my family would come back to pick me up, I always felt helpless and had no choice but to say sorry and leave them.