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my period and new choices



How do you feel during your period? For me, my monthly period was simply depressing. I had to change napkins or tampons many times, worrying about blood leaks, and napkins were thrown away every time I went to the bathroom...One day, I heard about menstrual cups and period underwear from my friend who had used these sanitary products. Recently I also tried them out!


Menstrual cups are sanitary products that are made of silicone, placed in the vagina to collect menstrual blood. I use a menstrual cup from a brand called SckoonCup and I can spend up to 12 hours with it inserted. Since it is something that you put in your body, you need to boil and disinfect it with a microwave at the beginning and end of your period. But during your period, you only have to wash it with soap every time you remove it. Period underwear absorbs menstrual blood instead of napkins and is reusable by washing. I was fascinated by a period underwear made of organic cotton and bought from a Korean brand called EVE. I use a period underwear combined with a menstrual cup to prevent blood leaks. Period underwear is thick and it takes a long time to dry after washing, so I use a napkin while washing and drying it.


So far, I’ve tried using them for the last two months of menstruation. I’ve found some benefits, but also difficulties which made me have half a mind to quit them. I recorded my periods like a diary to know my physical condition and what I felt at that time, so I will share it with you!




* ステム =月経カップの先についているしっぽのような部分。取り出すときのガイドの役割を果たす。

Period in July:

Before the period, my breasts swell and I started to get irritated. This time, I tried using the menstrual cup for the first time on the day the period started! I tried inserting it a few times, finally managing to insert it, and it wasn’t as hard as I expected. I could fall asleep as usual without feeling uncomfortable with the cup. On the morning of the second day of the period, I struggled to take out my menstrual cup!! After more than 20 minutes of trial and error, I finally got it out… I thought it wouldn’t come out! It was my first time, so I probably inserted it too deeply the night before. It might’ve been affected by my haste too. I realized that it was harder to take out than it was to put it in. When I took it out, the blood that had been accumulated in the cup was muddy. I realized that I didn’t smell the menstrual odor that I always felt uncomfortable when changing napkins. I had to leave home soon that day, so I went out with period underwear only, instead of a menstrual cup which I wasn’t used to and took a little time to insert. I had been wearing it since about 6 am, but blood leaked so much that my trousers got stained by noon. I learned that it is more difficult on the second day of the period, where there was a lot of menstrual blood with just the period underwear. After that, I changed to tampons and napkins. That night, I went to bed after inserting my menstrual cup. It was a while after I’d taken out my menstrual cup, so I boiled it again before using it just in case. At around 9 am on the third day of my period, I took out the cup. That time I also struggled taking it out, but I began to get the hang of it. A trick I learned is to grab the stem*, squeeze the cup by adjusting your body and breathing, and grab the bottom of the cup when the stem comes out. The blood in the cup was muddier than yesterday. The period in July ends here!








Period in August:

In August, I recorded more details than in July.

Four days before the period began, I started to notice swelling of the eyelids and legs. I got irritated even with little things and felt depressed at my part-time job.

On the first day of the period, I was able to insert a menstrual cup in one go for the first time. I had a backache and I was so sleepy that I had a nap for 3 hours… I took the cup out approximately 12 hours after insertion (this time also I was able to take it out in one go!). The blood in the cup was thick and there was a lot of vaginal discharge. I poured blood into the toilet, washed the cup with soap, inserted it again and went to bed.

On the second day of my period, when I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom, I found that there was no blood on the napkin and it meant no blood leaked from the cup. On this day, I took it out and inserted it at 10:30 in the morning and 11 pm before going to bed. I realized that the amount of vaginal discharge decreased compared to the first day.

On the third day of my period, I woke up at 2:30 in the middle of the night because of the stomachache and couldn’t sleep for a while...In the morning I checked the napkin when I went to the bathroom, just after getting up and no blood was there! I also took the cup out and reinserted it before 10 am, and around 9 pm. I found out that my vaginal discharge increased and the amount of menstrual blood decreased compared the day before.

On the morning of the fourth day of the period, when I took out the cup, there were mainly vaginal discharge and little blood in it. I struggled to get it out and it took about 10 minutes. I tried to put it again, but I gave it up because it hurt and didn’t seem to work well. After that, I spent time with a napkin only, but there was no blood on it. My period might have been over. The lack of blood could’ve been the cause of the pain because the insertion of the cup didn’t hurt before.


I recorded my period for the past two months. At first, my challenge with the menstrual cup was that I couldn’t use it well and was impatient sometimes, but I got used to it little by little and was comfortable, with almost no difficulty in my second period. I used to use tampons every month, so maybe the hurdles for putting the cup were a little low, but taking it out was the hard part. It took me some time to get the hang of it.


In the case of SckoonCup I’m using, I grab the bottom of the cup and take it out following the stem (that looks like a tail) which is on the bottom of the cup. The stem has a supportive role and makes it easy to take out the cup, so I can’t just pull it out. Actually, when I was looking for a menstrual cup, I wondered whether I should use a product where I can grasp the stem. But when I saw the comment saying “It’s not necessary to hold the stem when you get used to it”, I finally chose the SckoonCup, whose stem is soft, comfortable and easy to fit in the body. It was my choice to use the type where the stem can’t be pulled, so when I had a struggle taking it out, I hated myself a little. Putting up with the impulse to pull the stem, I got the method of taking it out after I watched an instruction video. Once I was able to match the timing of taking a breath, putting pressure on my vagina, and grabbing the bottom of the cup and making it dent, I could do it without difficulty! At first, I was frustrated in the bathroom, feeling anxious and thinking “what should I do if I can’t take it out?”. But, after taking a deep breath, I told myself “don’t worry, the first time is always the hardest ”. I got used to it little by little.


I have been freed from the stuffiness of napkins, changing napkins many times, carrying napkins, and worrying about the smell of blood and leaks since I started using a menstrual cup. I was happy when I wore my favorite cotton one-piece dress that I couldn’t wear without worrying about blood leaking on the second day of my period. Additionally, I used to use 5 or more napkins a day, but when I combined the menstrual cup and period underwear, I used only 4 napkins during my entire period in August. I think that I have made more eco-friendly choices than before! Since the number of napkins I use has decreased, I changed to an organic cotton napkin that is a little more expensive compared to a normal one. It’s smoother and more comfortable! I can feel that my skin is being taken care of more. Since I can check my menstrual blood with my own eyes, I think it’s a positive aspect of the menstrual cup to get to know more about my physical and menstrual condition!



When I showed the menstrual cup to my mother and talked about how to use it and how comfortable it was, she was surprised and said that “I didn’t have such an option when I was young.” I used to think that there are no more options than napkins and tampons when it comes to sanitary products. Thanks to new options, like the menstrual cup and period underwear, I’m now able to spend my period more comfortably than before. My period has been only depressing for me, but I feel a little lighter than before, because I feel more comfortable with my choices and being kind to myself and the environment! I want to know if you have a favorite or recommended sanitary products!


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Images by Yuri

English Edited by Karin

Edited by Hikari Sawada and Hikari

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